Juliet Balconies in Huddersfield | Frameless Glass Balustrades | Our Trade Glossary

Like any specialist trade, metal fabrication comes with its own terminology. For anyone outside the industry, these terms likely aren’t familiar. Needless to say, when we communicate with you during your own service, we do so in a plain, simple manner. As an independent, family-run company covering Huddersfield, we treat you exactly as we would want a company to treat us.

Whether you’re interested in steel staircases, frameless glass balustrades, steel handrails or Juliet balconies, you’ll have complete confidence through every phase of your project.

However, at Chrisand Fabrications, we always go above and beyond. As such, we have listed below a short glossary of terms we use during our daily services. With this information, you’ll be even more prepared ahead of our visit to your Huddersfield home or workplace.

Our Trade-specific Glossary of Terms

Metal Fabrication

This is the process behind fabricating structures from raw metal materials. This involves aspects of burning, cutting, forming, machining, welding and assembly in order to create the final product. This covers much of our range, from Juliet balconies to steel staircases.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

This type of balustrade has no posts or framing. Rather, on the surface, they consist only of glazed panels rising up out of the floor. This delivers a sleek, modern – yet timeless – aesthetic for homes and workplaces. With no obstructions, they also protect cherished views from balconies and terraces too.

Steel Handrails

One of the better known aspects of our metal fabrication work in Huddersfield, handrails are a ubiquitous part of our staircases and glass balustrades. They not only provide valuable support, they also comply with Section K of the Building Regulations.

Tread and Riser

When combined, these two features create each individual step found on wood and steel staircases. The tread is the part that you tread on when using your staircase, the riser is the vertical part the connects the treads.

Juliet Balconies

A Juliet balcony is somewhat of a misnomer; it doesn’t provide additional floor space like a traditional balcony. Rather, they consist of a balustrade connection attached to the building’s façade. As such, they share some similarities with frameless glass balustrades. This feature covers an opening on the upper floors, such as French Doors. This provides a safe, cost-effective way to create a light-filled, well-ventilated room on the upper floors of your Huddersfield property.

Glass Balustrades

A balustrade is a system of panels that provides a barrier, often for safety purposes. Of course, glass balustrades utilise glazed panels. We typically install these features on balconies, staircases, decks, terraces, mezzanines and other areas where levels change. We use our metal fabrication expertise to create steel handrails that top the glass panels.


The stringer is a structural element on wooden and steel staircases that supports the risers and treads. You will invariably find two on every staircase, one on each side of the structure. If you have open-sided stairs, your stringers will likely be open too, making the treads visible. These go by the name of cut stringers.

Floating Stairs

This popular design creates staircases that seem to have steps floating in mid-air. They almost always have no risers, underlining the openness of the design. They might also have stringers on one side only. Where building codes allow, floating steps also don’t have to have glass or steel handrails.

For all your metal fabrication needs in Huddersfield and the neighbouring areas, from Juliet balconies to frameless glass balustrades, Chrisand Fabrications is here to help.

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