Staircases in Huddersfield, Sheffield, Leeds, Yorkshire & the Surrounding Areas

Has your home’s interior become dated and stale? How many years have passed since you last invested in upgrades for your office’s interior design? If your domestic or commercial property has remained unchanged for too long, it’s easy to forget just how much impact well-designed, expertly crafted staircases can have. Falling into the habit of treating your stairs as a purely functional feature drastically limits their potential.

Based in Rotherham, we fabricate bespoke steel staircases for clients in locations like Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, Wakefield, Lincoln and Nottingham. Due to the quality of our workmanship and customer care, our client list extends to the wider Yorkshire region and nationwide.

As a customer-focused company, we put your satisfaction first. We tailor every aspect of our service to your unique design aspirations, from the initial designs to the physical installation. This ensures your staircase has the strength and durability to withstand the anticipated foot traffic while fitting seamlessly into your design scheme.

For bespoke installations that combine stunning aesthetics and outstanding longevity, look no further than Chrisand Fabrications. To schedule an initial consultation in the comfort of your home or workplace, please contact us.

A Closer Look at Our Staircases

In order to meet the varying needs of domestic customers and commercial clients in Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield and the neighbouring areas, we fabricate wood and steel staircases in a variety of designs.

Staircase Styles

In order to meet the varying needs of domestic customers and commercial clients in Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield and the neighbouring areas, we fabricate wood and steel staircases in a variety of designs.

Centre Column Stairs
Various designs have a central column offering support. A central column is commonly found on spiral stairs, but they also appear on floating designs if the adjacent walls can’t support the installation.

Floating Stairs
This self-supporting design hides or minimises its structure. This creates their trademark mid-air floating appearance. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, these staircases allow more natural light to flow through your space. They also enhance open-plan environments. For the full floating effect, we can only install these stairs directly into load-bearing walls made of concrete or brick. If you have stud or partition walls, a centre column provides the necessary support.

Stringer Stairs
The stringer is a structural member that supports your staircase’s risers and treads. You typically find two stringers on a staircase, one on either side. Because we fabricate bespoke wood and steel staircases, we offer stringers in various styles. These include closed, cut, routed and curved.  

Spiral Stairs
One of the most enduring and popular designs, spiral stairs deliver a durable, attractive and space-saving solution for homes and workplaces in Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield or any other location. Compared with standard installations, spiral stairs have a much smaller footprint, making them ideal in rooms with confined space. Fitting a spiral staircase into your property delivers an immediate focal point with near-universal appeal.

Fire Escapes
As a vital feature of any property, we fabricate fire escapes in full compliance with all relevant safety and building regulations. Our team can work to any requirement, from a small escape for a residential home to a large, multi-storey structure for a commercial building. These steel staircases come with a galvanised finish.

Customer Design
As specialists in metal fabrication, Chrisand Fabrications crafts staircases in line with any bespoke specification. If you already have a fully realised vision for your stairs, we can turn it into a reality.

carpeted staircase
wooden staircase
2 level staircase

The tread is the part of your staircase that you step on. Treads are unique in that they must look great to deliver your desired aesthetics, but they must also have the strength to withstand foot traffic day in, day out.

Chrisand Fabrications provides the following treads:

We fabricate treads and risers for steel staircases using either a skid-resistant sheet or an open grating. These treads have a sight/nosing bar welded to the front edge. We also drill end plates into place for bolting to stair stringers.

Natural wood delivers a warm aesthetic that works perfectly in domestic and office environments. Available in oak and other hardwoods, wooden treads provide a solid, durable foundation for your staircase.

Glass treads maximise the amount of natural light in residential and commercial properties. We can alter the thickness of the laminate for varying foot traffic needs. We can also add anti-slip properties for safety too.

Shaped like a pan, these treads allow us to pour cement into them. These treads are usually flanged up at the front and back in order to receive the cement.


The infill fills the space below the handrail. Your choice of infill material has a huge impact on the final aesthetic statement. To cover every domestic and commercial need, be it in Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield and the Yorkshire region, or any location nationwide, we provide various infill options, including:

• Glass • Bars • Panels • Wires

Call us on 01709 581 752 or 07738 857 060 to take the first step toward one of our bespoke staircases. We cover Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.